This year’s conference: 4/13/2014

Hello everyone!

It is with great excitement that we announce to you this year’s Life Gets Better Together Conference! This year’s conference will be Sunday, April 13, 2014 (same date as last year, just a different day)! This year, our theme will be “Times are changing,” and we will be focusing on the changing climate towards the LGBT community and society and different areas in the media, including film, literature, and careers. Stay tuned to our blog here and our facebook, as we will be releasing conference details as we get closer!

This year’s conference will be featuring Roger Hallas, a professor at SU who is bringing a focus on the film industry to the keynote panel, Sara Ryan, LGBT young adult author of books such as Empress of the World, and Greg Victory, the Director of the Career Center at Rhode Island School of Design. We will be featuring workshops from SU students and leaders in the Syracuse community, with returners such as the popular I Will Cut a B**** and the LGBT Resource Center’s Basics, and new workshops such as Erin Carhart’s presentation on LGBT reproductive health. 

Spread the word and join us on Sunday, April 13 to see how #TimesAreChanging!


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