Aca-Blog: Otto Tunes!

What’s up aca-fans! We hope you all had a great, safe, and relaxing break. We are officially in our final stretch to the end of the year, and here at Life Gets Better Together, it’s also the final stretch to April 13th – the day Hate Expires. As our aca-blog winds down to the last few performing groups, we are counting down the days until the concert, and the conference. As we have been doing the past several weeks, every Monday we are introducing one of the a cappella groups that are performing after the panels and speakers. So far, we have featured GroovestandThe Mandarins, Orange Appeal, and Main Squeeze. This week, we are excited to feature Otto Tunes!

The group at the ICCA Quarter-Finals from their Facebook page

The group at the ICCA Quarter-Finals from their Facebook page

Otto Tunes was founded in 2011. The relatively young all-male a cappella group consists of 21 members, according to their Facebook page. They have performed in the ICCA’s and SU’s After Hours, and are looking forward to releasing their first album in November 2013. Said one member of the group through email:

“Otto Tunes is a group of young, attractive men who enjoy singing and performing for others. Under the guidance of our music director, Da’Jon James, we are able to really bring joy to those that we perform for/with. And that is all we really care about. We have come a long way in a short amount of time and, hopefully, the group will survive and be able to continue singing to people for many years to come.”

The group has their own website that features their videos and member bios, and you can also subscribe to their YouTube, friend them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter. Of course, be sure to catch them at this year’s benefit concert, which they will be returning to after debuting at last year’s show.

Have a great week, aca-fans! See you next week!

– Life Gets Better Together


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