Aca-Blog: Orange Appeal

Greetings, aca-fans! After a two week break, the aca-blog is back in action, counting down the weeks until the day that #HateExpires! We at Life Gets Better Together have been hard at work, including preparing a promotion for the conference – a video lip dub! Stay tuned!

Every week on the aca-blog, we’re featuring one a cappella group a week that are performing at the benefit concert immediately following the day of conference. So far we’ve featured Groovestand and The Mandarins, and this week, we present Orange Appeal!


Orange Appeal is an all-male a cappella group founded in 1997. What started as a part of the Men’s Glee Club of SU split in 1999 and established their own group, and have been “appealing” to audiences since then. They perform on campus, at numerous surrounding colleges, high schools, and benefits. In 2010, Orange Appeal was named the best musical performance group on campus.

OA leader, Tim Cheng, had this to say of the group: “Orange Appeal is a group of friends that happen to also sing. They love what they do, and each one of them takes something different from OA. The beauty of it all is they can make music together while pursuing different majors and goals in life.”

This year, Orange Appeal is returning to the Life Gets Better Together conference’s benefit concert! Can’t get enough? Their next performance is on May 4th, 2013, when they put on an Orange Appeal Alumni Show. Check their website for more information!

Until next week, aca-fans! Have a great week!

-Life Gets Better Together


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