Aca-Blog: The Mandarins

Happy Monday, aca-readers! It’s a new week, which means we’re that much closer to this year’s Life Gets Better Together Conference and the accompanying a cappella concert, featuring six of Syracuse University’s a cappella groups! Every Monday on this blog for the next several weeks, we’ll be featuring one of these groups. Last week we featured Groovestand and this week, our featured a cappella group is The Mandarins!


The Mandarins are an all-female a cappella group that was founded in 1996. They can be found on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. They can also be found on CD Baby, where their album 15 is available for sale. They have performed throughout the Northeast as well as at various campus events. According to their president, Adriana Magarino:

Our style ranges from very up-beat popular songs to smooth choral pieces. We have found a common bond in music and have become closer friends and better people because of it!

The Mandarins participated in last year’s benefit concert, and are proudly returning to this year’s concert as well. Don’t miss them and the other groups perform on April 13!

Be sure to join us two weeks from today – February 25 – for the featuring of Orange Appeal!

Have a great week, aca-fans!


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