The “Hidden Minorities” of Syracuse University

Admit it – we’re all addicted to social media, whether it is to share, connect, socialize, or postpone productivity. Facebook, being the epitome of procrastination, produces some interesting projects to hold our attention.

Currently, one of the trends on Facebook for the SU community is the eye-opening project, “Humans of Syracuse University.” Maybe you’ve seen the page, maybe you know the individual behind it, or perhaps you were even featured in one of the photographs. While Humans of SU shares its own photographs, it also shares other stories of various happenings around campus, and the latest one is the video “Hidden Minorities.”

Hidden Minorities” is a short documentary made by Lilly Brown and students in the Race, Gender, and Media class at SU. It features several students telling stories about their minority identity status, and how their identity is widely misunderstood by their peers. The diverse group is made up of all of different genders, sexualities, races, ethnicities and religions, but all have one thing in common: they are all a part of what they consider a hidden minority. Their appearances cause others to make incorrect assumptions about them, and this is fed by the media overlooking the diversity within minority groups.

While we here at Life Gets Better Together have a specific focus on the LGBT+ community, it is important to open our minds to ensure that Life Gets Better Together for everyone. Open your eyes to what is going here at our campus, and help the rest of the world as well.



One thought on “The “Hidden Minorities” of Syracuse University

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    So every other Wednesday, Between NH & NY takes a trip over to blog for the Life Gets Better Together Campaign, a group I am apart of on campus and blog for. Check out the post I wrote today, and get a glimpse of what’s going on at SU.

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